The Self-sufficient and Sensor-based Irrigation System

digidrip is a self-sufficient and sensor-based irrigation system. Using solar cells and battery power, combined with modern communication technologies, it can be used anywhere where neither power supply nor Internet connection is available. The only thing it requires: a water supply.

With its sensor-based approach, digidrip measures soil moisture and based on these readings it controls the irrigation in line with the plant's requirements. digidrip reduces the irrigation if it has rained and enough water is available, or when less water is required due to colder weather. However, if it's hot and the soil is dry, it increases the irrigation. With this approach, digidrip saves water by using as little water as possible, yet it provides the amount of water necessary for an optimal growth of the plant.

digidrip - the self-sufficient and sensor-based irrigation system for less water consumption and a better yield!


No power supply? No worries! The sun provides enough energy for a self-sufficient operation.


Modern communication technologies eliminate the requirement of Internet access.


As little as possible, as much as necessary! For an optimal water supply for your plants.

Optimized Irrigation

Providing constantly moist soil, irrigation with thresholds or fixed irrigation intervals, digidrip lets you fully control the irrigation based on your plants needs!

Remote Access

Modern communication technologies enable digidrip to transmit irrigation states and measurement data to the Internet using low power consumption. You can easily access the data remotely using webservices and always be sure that your plants are optimally supplied with water, even when you are away.

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digidrip setup with


Cultivating flowers regionally and seasonally is a matter close to Hannah Krimmer and Kathi Ne├čler's heart. They founded thebloomingproject and they harvest their flowers from their field close to Vienna, Austria and supply events, groceries and florists with their blooming goods.

In order for the flowers to grow and their colourful blossoms to bloom, they require lot of care. digidrip is used to water the field and provides the flowers with enough water on a field which lacks power supply and Internet connection. Using the self-sufficient approach and modern communication technologies digidrip meets all the requirements needed in this case.

digidrip setup with IG Immobilien GmbH

Green Buildings -
IG Immobilien

With temperatures rising in urban areas, people seek for one thing: Finding some greenery to cool down. Nowadays, this greenery is found more and more often in the cities. The IG Immobilien GmbH also wants to bring this luxury to their residents and opt for plants and greenery in their buildings.

To optimally support the plants by cooling the surrounding area and cleaning the air, the IG Immobilien GmbH chose a digidrip irrigation solution for one of their buildings in Vienna, Austria. Besides receiving alarm notifications and minimizing the risk of drying out the plants, it waters them with an optimal amount of water to help them grow strong and produce rich green leaves.

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